Considering contractor crew and public safety when repairing utility pipes

Safety around a pipe repair or pipe replacement project is paramount. Indeed, high levels of health and safety are required when transforming public outdoor spaces into potentially dangerous sites because of the potential impact of injury to a member of the public or a member of the crew. Sites that are erected to effect the transformation of a residential utility pipe have to be efficiently and effectively created and managed to ensure there is no risk to contractor, homeowner or a member of the public.

Why is this a consideration?

With open holes, pipework and other debris and heavy machinery in situ for days in a public place, the risks to all stakeholders are potentially huge. The last thing a contractor needs is an injured employee that may delay or disrupt the project, or an injured homeowner or member of the public mounting an expensive personal injury lawsuit.

If left unchecked?

It is calculated that project costs will inevitably increase as companies become wary of utility strikes and other injury risks. Contractors may cut corners to get jobs completed quicker or even on-time but they risk injury, death, significant financial reparation plus potential incarceration if found guilty of failing to meet their health and safety obligations on a site.


Smaller holes open for less time reducing the risk of accident. Pipe pulling technology reduces the need for open trenches and minimises the risk of utility strikes as it uses small holes. Less digging means less equipment and generally less potential hazards, on a site that completes its project quicker than other approaches.

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