Transport and Storage Cradle

The KPP400 transportation and storage cradle is ideal for transporting and storing the Kobus Pipe Puller safely and all-in-one.  In use, the Puller is mounted on a  2.5 – 3 tonne excavator, and has to be transported to and from site.  When not in use, the Puller needs to be safely stored, ideally together with the consumables and accessories / tools to ensure everything is to hand ready for the next job.

During attachment of the Puller to an excavator, whether via a quick-hitch, or directly onto pins, operator safety is paramount.  It is always recommended that operators are not required to be on the flat bed of the van / truck, trailer, or similar transport vehicle when assisting with the attachment, loading and unloading of the Puller.

KPP400 Transportation and Storage Cradle

Kobus Pipe Puller KPP400 Cradle


  • Robust frame design
  • Space for tools, cable & accessories
  • Forklift friendly anchor points
  • Quick secure clamping mechanism


  • Safe for operators
  • Easy loading / unloading
  • All-in-One storage & transport
  • Fits standard flat bed vans
KPP400 Cradle - Safe for Operators

Safe for Operators

Quick, easy attachment of Puller to excavator.  No need for operator to be standing on the flat bed.    Connection and disconnection is at a safe working height for operator standing at ground level.

Puller is held in cradle at the right angle to allow easy attachment of bucket linkage or quick hitch to the Puller bracket.

Safe, Secure Transportation

Cradle with Puller is designed to fit on a flat bed van commonly used around sites.  The cradle has anchor points to allow ease of strapping the cradle onto the flat bed for safe, secure transportation.   All accessories, tools, pulling cables are retained within the cradle.  The cradle features adjustable arms to lock the Puller in position on the cradle to ensure the Puller cannot move during transportation.

Safe Secure Transportation of KPP400 Pipe Puller
Pipe Puller Cradle Loading

Easy to Load & Unload

Whether at the depot or at site, the Puller is quick and easy to load with forklift from any direction.  Simply pick up the cradle with forklift using the forklift safe cradle beams.  Alternatively, load the cradle onto the flat bed then load the Puller into the cradle using the excavator.  Safe, secure and ready to go!


Safe All-In-One Storage

Keep the Pipe Puller, pulling cables, accessories and tools all-in-one safe, easy storage cradle.   Fits neatly into a standard storage container.  Ready for the next job!

Pipe Puller with Cradle Storage

Technical Specifications


Length  1800mm

Width  1700mm

Height  750mm


Weight (without Puller)  360 kgs (approx)

Weight (with Puller)  700kgs (approx)


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