Modular for ease of handling

The original Kobus Pipe Puller, the KPP300.  This machine is modular for ease of handling and is driven from its own, separate hydraulic power pack. The KPP300 Pipe Pullers must be used in conjunction with Kobus recommended Accessories and Consumables.

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Kobus Pipe Puller KPP300 is compact and easy to use. The modular construction allows ease of manual handling by 2 operators and is ideal when site access is difficult. The unit is driven by its own separate hydraulic power pack with power-on-demand, and manual control lever.


Power-on-demand hydraulic power pack delivers controlled pulling
10t pulling force at spool
Modular construction allows for manual handling & ease of access in restricted areas
Compact foot section minimizes size of excavations required
Easy and quick to assemble on site for each pipe replacement
Dead man operating lever on power pack for safety
Robust safety cover to protect personnel
Fits in most site vans for ease of transportation



Communication pipe replacements – road crossings

Supply pipe (private side) replacements – under driveways, paths, gardens
Replacements with other utilities in close proximity
Under trees, shrubs, etc
Replaces lead, copper, black poly, PE pipes
Pipe sizes from 1/2″ ID to 1″ OD (25mm)