KOBUS - A Brief History


Kobus Services Ltd

Kobus Services Ltd is a UK company creating innovative products for the utility industries worldwide.  The company is the home of the ORIGINAL Kobus Pipe Puller.  Our trenchless technology allows water and gas service pipes to be removed from the ground and replaced with a new pipe in a single operation.  Due to the method, there is minimal risk of utility strikes and reduced customer disruption.

Early Years

Kobus Services was first incorporated in 2005 and based in Halesowen UK.  The original Pipe Puller itself was launched in 2011 following several years of R&D work.  The product was revolutionary. Consequently, numerous innovation awards followed from key industry associations – Pipeline Industry Guild, UKSTT, NJUG and SBWWI Water Dragons.

Utility Industry Funding

In 2014, significant funding was secured through the Gas Industry Network Innovation Alliance.  As a result, we were able to develop a bigger, more powerful Puller.  The KPP400 Puller is the latest model, mounted on a compact excavator, and driven from the auxiliary hydraulics.

Relocation of Kobus Services

In 2017 to accommodate our growth in business, we relocated the headquarters to Tamworth, Staffordshire. Consequently, we were able to move assembly of the Pullers in-house, and then to start our export activities.

Kobus Personnel

Our personnel possess strong engineering backgrounds and experience in the industry.  Therefore we are able to resolve our customer’s problems effectively.  Also, our design engineers are mechanical and hydraulic experts with the skills needed to develop the Puller from best engineering practice and know-how.  Fundamentally, innovation is at the core of what we do.

Several UK, European and US patents cover key features of the design.  Consequently, our products offer demonstrable uniqueness.

Kobus Inc

Following the growth of popularity of the Pipe Puller in North America and Canada prompted us to establish Kobus Inc.  Initially based in  Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kobus Inc quickly out grew the facility. It is now based in a larger facility in Houston Texas supporting the North American market with sales, distribution and assembly of products and consumables.

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