Excavator Mounted Pipe Puller

The all NEW Kobus Pipe Puller, the KPP400. This is the big brother of Pullers that mounts on an excavator and is powered by the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator. Both Pipe Pullers must be used in conjunction with Kobus recommended Accessories and Consumables.

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KPP400 Kobus Pipe Puller is an all-in-one, excavator mounted unit for ease of moving around site. It mounts on most types of compact 2.5t – 3t excavator such as Takeuchi TB230, JCB 8025 CTS, and Kubota U27-4.  The Puller is driven from the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator and is capable of generating up to 20t of pulling force at the spool. The bottom foot section rotates to allow optimum positioning of the excavator for best access.

  • Attaches directly to mini-excavator – easy to move from job-to-job. Less manual handling
  • Driven from auxiliary hydraulics of excavator – no need for separate power pack
  • 360 degree rotatable foot to allow optimal positioning of excavator for access
  • 20t of pulling force at the spool
  • Male & Female spool sections allow quick, safe removal of old pipe from spool
  • Gas & water service pipe replacements (Supply & communication pipe)
  • Up to 20 metres long replacements
  • 1/2″ ID to 1″ (25mm) OD
  • Ideal for multiple replacement schemes in one area
  • Capable of extracting galvanised steel, lead, copper, poly & PE pipe
  • Replace with PE pipe 20, 25, 32mm