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'Ten challenges facing service pipe replacement contractors... and how to tackle them effectively'.

The team at Kobus Services Ltd, creators of the Kobus Pipe Puller, has published a new guide titled Ten challenges facing service pipe replacement contractors… and how to tackle them effectively’.

It offers a huge amount of practical advice to utility companies and contractors around the safe and efficient practice of replacing and removing service pipes and some of the considerations necessary when choosing approaches and equipment.

With over 3,000 million litres of water leaking from the infrastructure each day in the UK alone, our comprehensive guide offers a strategic view of the challenges that need to be overcome to significantly improve leaking systems.

It looks at areas including: 

  • The scale of the pipe replacement problem
  • Cutting the time a repair takes
  • Reducing the risk of utility strikes
  • Minimising disruption to homeowners
  • Reducing neighbourhood disruption
  • Ensuring safety for crews and the public
  • Delivering faster property reinstatement
  • Optimising working ground
  • Maximising equipment life costs
  • Recovering pipework and reducing contamination

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