Utility Strikes – A Thing of the Past

The Kobus Pipe Puller can minimise the potential risk of damaging surrounding utilities. By contrast, traditional moling increases the risk of dangerous, disruptive & expensive strikes.

Consumer Disruption Reduced

Reduce local disruption and damage to property. Find out how the Pipe Puller replaced a supply pipe under a block paved driveway without removing a single block paving stone!

Saves Time & Costs

How does the Pipe Puller improve productivity and reduce costs of replacing utility service pipes?  What are the costs of reverting to open cut trenching?


Simply, the Kobus Pipe Puller is an innovative trenchless technology.  It removes old water or gas service pipe from the ground by pulling it with a hydraulic winch and a special steel pulling cable.  At the same time,  a new PE pipe is towed into place along the same bore path created by the extracted old pipe.  Up to 20-25m can be extracted in a single pull.  So, typical lengths of lead, copper, galvanised steel, and PE pipe found on site can all be replaced up to diameters of 1-1/4″ (32mm).  As a result, the process is ideal for road crossings, replacements under expensive driveways/pathways, or where other utilities may prevent other techniques being used.

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See several case studies of real live service pipe replacements, with details of why the Kobus Pipe Puller was the technique of choice.  If you prefer to see the Puller ‘in action’ visit our Video Gallery page, where you will find examples showcasing the KPP300 and KPP400 Pullers replacing lead, copper, galvanised steel, and poly pipes.


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