What savings can be made?

The Kobus Pipe Puller can save time and costs, and here’s how.  There are limited techniques available to replace water or gas service pipes connecting the mains to a property.  Simply put, there is open cut trenching, impact moling, and in some instances inserting a new pipe through an old service. 

Comparison to Moling

All have their merits.  For example, moling is quick and low cost which is great….when you can mole.  But, what about the times when other utilities in the vicinity create a high risk of a utility strike with the mole being non-directional?  What about very rocky ground conditions – have you ever lost a mole, or had it appear somewhere it shouldn’t?  Or very soft ground, and the mole sinks under its own weight?  Then there is the issue that the old service is left in the ground to be an environmental waste hazard, not to mention the problem of the old pipe giving a positive result on a CAT & genny scan of the area in future years.  So, there are times when moling is unsuitable. 

Insertion Option

What then?  Expensive, time consuming and disruptive open cut trenching?  Well, there is insertion.  I.e inserting a new pipe through an existing service.  Usually reserved for gas service pipes, this method is limited to gas pipes of 1″ internal bore or greater.  It is also limited by length.  Too long and the pressure becomes too low.

Kobus Pipe Puller – Save time and costs

The Kobus Pipe Puller offers another tool in the van to avoid the open cut option when other methods are unsuitable.  So you really need to consider the savings offered by the Pipe Puller against the option of open cut trenching.  You can save time and costs:

  • Huge labour saving. For example, a road crossing using open cut will require at least 2 days if it has to be done in 2 halves.  The Pipe Puller can be 75% less time.
  • Less excavation = less reinstatement.  Avoid digging up a type 1 road and the savings in reinstatement materials alone is significant.  The Pipe Puller only requires 2 small excavations about 500-600sq.mm
  • Less traffic management cost.  Traffic lights are less likely to be required; indirect costs of arranging TM and permits, etc, may be minimal when using the Pipe Puller.
  • Less disruption to local residents. Job gets done quicker, roads allow freer traffic flow, noise pollution is reduced.
  • Recovery of old service pipe for recycling. Often the old pipe is metal – copper, lead, or steel – which has a recycling value. Better than leaving it in the ground!

But what about the cost of the consumables associated with Pipe Pulling?  Yes, there is a consumable cost with each pull but this is insignificant compared even to the cost savings made on reinstatement material alone.  Imagine 2 small 600×600 sq.mm excavations and the reinstatement costs for this compared to a full open cut reinstatement cost?

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