Kobus welcomes new EU partner Perforator GmbH

Kobus Pipe Puller recognises the importance of partnerships within the industry, especially those overseas.  Kobus has had the pleasure of creating many partnerships with likewise professionals in different regions of the world.  Kobus’ most recent partnership is that of Perforator in Germany who have recently partnered up with Kobus.

Who is Perforator?

PERFORATOR GmbH was founded in 2002.  The business divisions PERFORATOR drilling technique and MAXIMATOR high-pressure systems became independent companies (GmbH) within the Schmidt, Kranz Holding.  Perforator has over 30 years within the industry as Germany’s leading drilling manufacturer.  They boast a range of innovative products such as Performance Pipes, and tools for DTH, rotary, reverse circulation drilling, Performance Drilling, thrust boring machines and tools, Performance Pumps, injection systems and lastly, Performance Cutters: cutters for tunnel boring equipment.  Perforator GmbH focusses its core competences on thrust Boring technology.

Perforator’s products

Thrust boring machines manufactured by Perforator have three different uses, these are Sewer Construction Machines, for controlled and uncontrolled trenchless supply and disposal line construction.  Pipeline Construction Machines which install lost or reusable steel protection tubes, and lastly Pipe Rehabilitation Systems which are small and robust machines for trenchless renewal of gas, water, and wastewater pipes.

Furthermore, Perforator manufactures a range of drill pipes and drilling tools.  They offer you HDD rods, drill pipes for DTH, Rotary and RC drilling, as well as drill pipes for oil and gas field. PERFORATOR RC drill pipes and drill string components are available for all rig types, designed for minimising operational costs and maximise your drilling productivity.  Highest quality in materials and manufacturing results in high performance of the products.  These products are all API and ISO approved quality management system assures an entire material traceability.

Perforator also includes a unique injection technique which uses two component pneumatic piston pumps and two component pneumatic gear pumps.  Due to the high flowrate generated by this pump it is predestined for all jobs where you have to pump material in a short period of time.

The company strives and is committed to also developing their disc cutters for each project.  Due to their flexibility during manufacturing Perforator can produce and manufacture sizes and designs to each specific project.


In March of this year Kobus Pipe Puller’s business developer Simon Macdonald met with MD of Perforator, Johann-Christian von Behr and finalised their agreement in partnership together.  Kobus is thrilled to be working in turn with such a likeminded professional company such as Perforator GmbH, especially as they both share the same principles in striving for a quick trenchless pipeline replacement and using innovative products to produce the most efficient way of executing a project for each specific client.