KOBUS win Innovative Products Award


KOBUS SERVICES are delighted to announce that the business has won the Abbotts Innovative Products Award for their KPP400 series Pipe Puller at the recent NASTT No Dig Show in Chicago. 


The award, bestowed by a specially selected judging panel, was given during the show in appreciation of the truly ground-breaking and innovative nature of the product. The Kobus Pipe Puller KPP400 series has been recognised as the next generation in efficient and effective trenchless rehabilitation pipe repair and replacement technology. 


The award recognises the effort and investment that has been placed into the development of a system designed to help significantly impact the global problem of old service pipes falling into disrepair, leaking, reaching end of life or creating water quality issues. 


Kobus Pipe Puller enables the trenchless replacement of gas and water service pipes connecting mains to properties the world over. Now in use in UK, North America, and Australasia, the benefits of the system include less disruption before, during and after works, lower reinstatement costs, higher productivity and overall reduced cost. 


There are also compelling ecological and environmental benefits in completely removing the old pipes from the ground, something other techniques cannot guarantee, eliminating the potential environmental damage leaving it in situ may cause.


Tom Atienza and Simon Drain gratefully received the Award during the Show and were mentioned during a presentation at the Gala Dinner.  


“The Award was a big surprise as this was our first time visiting and exhibiting at the No Dig Show. NASTT have been enthusiastic supporters of Kobus Pipe Puller and we’ve been working hard to build a North America customer base, which obviously has huge potential and has been very welcoming” said Simon Drain, managing director.


“We’re grateful to NASTT, sponsors and Benjamin Media for a well organized No Dig Show, and congratulations to the other entrants in the Innovative Products Award category”.


Want to see the Kobus Pipe Puller in action? Visit our YouTube Channel with over 70 videos recorded from use around the world.