What People Get Wrong About Trenchless Technology

Utility contractors are now utilising and using trenchless technology as their main method of installation for services such as water or gas utility pipelines. This method boasts a vast number of benefits that other excavation techniques do not have. Trenchless technology has changed the face of the construction industry by eliminating the biggest problems faced by the traditional trenching (moling) or open cut method.


Trenchless technology costs more than traditional methods.

While the cost of the machinery is slightly more expensive than that of traditional methods, the factor that creates the rise in cost is actually the reinstatement and cost of labour required when you pick traditional methods to that of trenchless.  Trenchless technology only requires two small excavations in the ground with minimal workers needed to manage the pipe pulling machinery, furthermore, the actual pipe replacement is quicker than open excavation therefore keeping customer disruption to a minimum.


It has more safety issues with more chance of damage to other utilities.

One of the biggest risks when in construction is excavating, this risk is eliminated when you choose to use trenchless technology as the risk of utility strikes and danger to your workers is reduced considerably. Contractors and workers can rely on the manual safety this guarantees.


Trenchless technology is less accurate.

Trenchless technology and pipe pulling work so well as they replace the pipe in question in one quick and efficient pull, because of this the replacement work only touches and moves the old, decommissioned pipe in question, and continuously puts the new pipe in its place. The technology is used in order to carry out complex pipe replacement projects to a high standard of efficiency, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

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