Water pipe replacement under block paved driveway

As water companies come to terms with the aggressive target of 15% leakage reduction in AMP7 (2020-2025), more attention is being made towards the replacement of infrastructure on the homeowner’s side.  Though not the responsibility of the water company, unless the property is metered, the water company is still measured on leakage on the homeowner’s asset.  It is estimated on average 20-25% of the total leakage figures are emanating from the private side.    As a result, there is a growing trend towards replacement of ageing or leaking supply pipes in an attempt to manage the leakage issue.

Herein lies the problem.  The homeowner would be happy to have a brand new supply pipe if the water company is paying for it, but despite this, there is often resistance due to the fear of the potential damage to their beloved property, garden, or driveway.  The answer is to use trenchless technology as far as possible.  Moling has been around for decades and often can successfully install a new pipe with minimal damage to the homeowner’s property.  Nothing new here….or is there?

The Kobus Pipe Puller offers the chance to trenchlessly replace the supply pipe and further minimise damage to the ground surface.  Take a look at this video.  A pipe is replaced under 15m of block paved driveway without touching a single block!  The main pit is excavated in the footpath (the water company side), and a small pit is excavated in the concrete floor of the garage.   Reinstatement of a 400x400mm square concrete floor is simple, cheap and matching existing floor is probably less sensitive. 

We accept not every private side replacement would be this clean, but it shows what is possible with the right tools.   

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