Minimising Excavations with the Kobus Pipe Puller

Minimising excavations is important for Customer Satisfaction.  The Kobus Pipe Puller requires small excavations and consequently, it is ideal for replacing communication and supply pipes while keeping disruption to a minimum.  Excavations can be kept very small.  The pipe is replaced trenchlessly with a new pipe being installed as the old pipe is removed.  Two small excavations are required at each end of the pipe being replaced.  The Pipe Puller needs only 450x450mm – as shown in the photo here.  The other end can be even smaller to feed in the new PE pipe.

On the supply pipe, this keeps damage to homeowners’ property to a minimum.  On the communication side, reinstatement costs are kept as low as possible. The latest customer experience measure, C-MeX, imposed by Ofwat, the UK water Regulator, is challenging water companies and their contractors to find ways to minimise disruption to local residents and homeowners when undertaking necessary works.

Of course, some site conditions will require larger excavations.  For example, it might be necessary to expose surrounding utilities. However, technologies which offer the potential minimising excavations, reinstatement and disruption where possible must be worthy of consideration.

Minimising excavations with Kobus Pipe Puller