Kobus Hall of Fame

Kobus Services is delighted to recognise the efforts and contributions made by our clients and partners.  We are grateful to all those who are keen to employ our trenchless technology.  So, we have created our “Kobus Hall of Fame” to recognise when someone has gone ‘above-and-beyond’ in their support of Kobus.  See our current Hall of Fame inductees here.   

Egbert Van Voskuilen

Egbert Van Voskuilen

Mr Egbert Van Voskuilen of Van Voskuilen B.V. in the Netherlands –  nominated by Blejkan SA for the KOBUS Hall of Fame:

For readiness to support BLEJKAN S.A., Poland by loaning Blejkan one of Van Voskuilen’s KOBUS machines free-of-charge, although Van Voskuilen Infratechniek planned to use it in the Netherlands almost at the same time. 

Loaning the machine made it possible to present it in the form of a “live” show for the first time in Poland at the most prestigious exhibition / conference of trenchless methods in Poland, the only one in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. 

In today’s difficult times it is all the more valuable and builds the spirit of the KOBUS team for the future.

Thank you Egbert for your support!

From Blejkan S.A.

Frans Brouwer


Frans Brouwer – Machinist at Van Voskuilen Group, nominated by Van Voskuilen B.V. for Kobus Hall of Fame:

Frans has been with Van Voskuilen for many years and has recently become a huge fan of our new Kobus pipe pulling machine. He has become an expert operator in super quick time and has already demonstrated its capabilities on site to Polish, German and Belgian partners. “The Proof is in the Pulling” and Frans is the perfect person to demonstrate it!

Thank you Frans for your support!

Mariusz Iwanejko

mariusz iwanejko

Mariusz Iwanejko – Marketing Director at Blejkan SA, nominated by Marek Borkowski (CEO, Blejkan SA) for Kobus European Hall of Fame:

“Taking into account the commitment and efforts of work, I nominate Mariusz Iwanejko, Marketing Director of Blejkan for the Kobus Hall of Fame in recognition of his pioneering work to get new technologies in the water utility sector adopted especially Kobus. It takes energy and expertise to build awareness for innovative techniques and to convince customers to make the commitment. Mariusz is a master of these skills.”

Thank you Mariusz for your support from everyone at Kobus!

Blejkan SA is the Kobus exclusive distributor in Poland.

Steve Terry

Steve Terry Wessex Water

Steve Terry of Wessex Water, nominated by Sean Dunne (Operational Manager, Engineering & Sustainable Delivery Mains Replacement & Small Schemes at Wessex Water) for Kobus’ Hall of Fame:

“I propose Steve Terry as a Kobus Hall of Fame entrant for his unfaltering commitment to getting the very best out of Kobus through the Wessex network. I estimate he himself has carried out over 300 pulls and supervised well over 1000 which may make him the most experienced Kobus operator in Europe. Like any new method, Kobus needs the right mentality and Steve has that for sure! He embodies the Wessex commitment to innovation for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.”

Steve has consistently driven the adoption of the Kobus technology within Wessex Water and for that and his fantastic support, everyone at Kobus is extremely grateful.  Thank you Steve!