Kobus in Poland
Krakow Rynek Główny (Central Square) and St Mary's Basilica

Kobus Services is delighted to announce its partnership with Blejkan SA in Poland to distribute the unique range of Kobus Pipe Pullers.  Since 2007, Blejkan has been a leader in the rehabilitation of sewage, water supply and gas pipes.  They focus on new innovative solutions and trenchless technologies.

The Kobus Pipe Puller is rapidly gaining acceptance across UK, North America and more recently in mainland Europe.  Blejkan presented the Kobus technology at the recent Trenchless Engineering conference and exhibition in Tomaszowice, near Krakow, in Poland.  The event featured a presentation to a live audience as well as live streaming online.  The presentation was followed by a live demonstration of the KPP400 Pipe Puller in action.  Attached to a zero emission mini excavator from JCB, the Pipe Puller made light work of replacing a 6 metre x 1″ galvanised steel pipe.

The KPP400 is ideal for replacing steel water and gas service pipes quickly and safely.  It is environmentally friendly, removing the old metal pipe from the ground instead of leaving it as environmental waste as many other techniques such as moling and pipe cracking (bursting).  

Less excavation, less reinstatement, less disruption = over 50% cost savings compared to traditonal open cut trenching.

Watch the video of the live demo!  

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