Homeowner’s expensive driveway remains untouched!

Homeowner’s expensive driveway remains untouched

Henley Road ReplacementDescription
tRiiO approached KOBUS Services to utilise the KOBUS Integrated 400 Series Pipe Puller in Leicester on a particularly awkward gas service pipe replacement.  The property had a newly laid, and expensive driveway/pathway, which would be expensive and time consuming to reinstate.  There were also drains running across the path of the pipe to be replaced, and power cables in close proximity, which made moling difficult.

The pipe being replaced was galvanised steel, ¾” and it was a short side replacement from the pavement outside the property.  Length of pipe was 15m.  Soil was clay.

The pipe replacement was completed in just over 1 hour including the preparation of the Pipe Puller onto the mini excavator, and excavation of a small hole to the rear where the service pipe entered the property.  The extraction of the old pipe and replacement with new, took 5 minutes.

The work was undertaken under standard National Grid/tRiiO health & safety procedures. There were no reported incidents in respect of either service strikes (HSG47) or operator activity.