Whitby Crescent, Poole, Dorset – 1/2″ PVC Pipe Replacement

Description: KOBUS Services Ltd was invited by Wessex Water Services Ltd to perform a series of on-site trials on live sites across Dorset. As part of a product proving process, the trials were performed by a team from Wessex Water following delivery of EUSR accredited training for the KOBUS Pipe Puller.

A service pipe replacement was to be performed on a ½” PVC supply pipe at a domestic property. The 13m pipe ran from the stop tap in the boundary box, under the front garden and pathway up to the side of the property.

Excavation of a trench across the lawn would not be a complex task, but the cost of doing so would be significant and disruptive to the home-owner. Pipe Pulling was presented as an ideal method as only two small access holes would be required at either end of the pipe.

Outcome: Small excavations were made at both ends of the pipe, a cable inserted and KOBITE was injected and activated, turning the cable and pipe into a composite rope. A new MDPE pipe was attached to the pipe and pulled underneath the garden and out at the opposite end of the property.

The total time on site was just under 2 hours, including making the access holes and full reinstatement. The pipe replacement itself took just 299 seconds.