Bridge Street, Thrapston – 1/2″ Copper Pipe Replacement

Description: Adrian Eyles Limited requested a demonstration of the KOBUS Pipe Puller – performing a water supply pipe replacement on a 24m copper pipe serving a commercial business in Thrapston.

A leak was detected on the pipe with over £3,600 of water being lost over a six-month period. As the leak could not be located, a full pipe replacement was required. An open-cut solution was not possible as the pipe ran across the forecourt of the neighbouring car showroom who did not want their business disrupted by a prolonged period excavation.

The pipe ran from outside the property, across the garage forecourt to the stop-tap in the pavement. The Pipe Puller was ideal as it would minimise damage to the forecourt/parking area and deliver the job rapidly with minimal disturbance to the businesses on site.

Outcome: Damage to the pipe required the pipe to be replaced in two separate pulls, with the total time on site around 5 hours. The copper pipe was replaced between the side of the business and the meter at the front of the property. The actual pipe replacements took just 700 seconds.

The showroom and service business remained accessible at all times during the replacement.