New KPP400 Transportation Cradle

The KPP400 transportation and storage cradle is ideal for transporting and storing the Kobus Pipe Puller safely and all-in-one.  In use, the Puller is mounted on a  2.5 – 3 tonne excavator, and has to be transported to and from site.  When not in use, the Puller needs to be safely stored, ideally together with the consumables and accessories / tools to ensure everything is to hand ready for the next job.

During attachment of the Puller to an excavator, whether via a quick-hitch, or directly onto pins, operator safety is paramount.  It is always recommended that operators are not required to be on the flat bed of the van / truck, trailer, or similar transport vehicle when assisting with the attachment, loading and unloading of the Puller.

Kobus Pipe Puller KPP400 Cradle

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