Live demo of the Kobus KPP400 Pipe Puller was watched by a good crowd at the Trenchless Engineering conference and exhibition in Tomaszowice in Poland.  The event showcases the best and newest trenchless technologies in the industry.  Blejkan SA as main sponsor of the event, and our new distributor for Poland, had a crew on hand to demonstrate the Pipe Puller replacing a 6m x 1″ galvanised steel pipe.  

Spectators of the live demo saw the Puller remove the steel pipe using two small excavations about 170cm deep.  A new PE pipe (25mm) was towed in behind the steel pipe as it was removed.  The KPP400 is designed to replace steel gas and water service pipes.  It features a unique design of spool in two halves, allowing very quick and safe removal of the steel pipe from the spool.  

The Puller was mounted on a new JCB electric mini excavator offering zero emissions, making the combination very environmentally friendly.