Our new 400 series Pipe Puller uses the same concept of the original 300 series Pipe Puller which has been so successful in the water industry.  The 400 series eliminates manual handling by mounting the whole unit on a mini excavator and is driven from the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator. The new design features a rotatable foot enabling the unit to be positioned in the best position for excavator access while still minimising the size of excavations needed.  The unique spool design having male and female halves, cleverly separates allowing the extracted pipe to be removed from the spool quickly and easily.  This allows extraction of galvanised iron pipes, as well as lead, copper, poly pipe.   The concept remains the same with a steel cable and integrated pulling ferrule being used to extract the old service pipe and pulling in a new service behind it.  Numerous successful trials have been conducted across various regions in the UK and USA, and the final release of the product to market is expected iin qtr 4 2018.

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