Utility Strikes – a thing of the past

The Kobus Pipe Puller virtually eliminates the problem of utility strikes.  It easily replaces old gas or water supply pipes with new PE pipe in a single operation.  The Pipe Puller extracts the old pipe from the ground, and pulls the new pipe through the same bore hole.  As a result, there is minimal risk of potential strikes or damage to other utilities in the vicinity.  This also means that the Kobus Pipe Puller can tackle replacement of supply pipes which may go under tree roots, or similar obstructions.


Utility Strikes

A common problem when replacing old or leaking service pipes is the close proximity of other utilities.  There is a risk of utility strikes when moling is used.  This is especially true across roads.   This type of replacement is common but awkward, because the utilities will run down the length of the road.  .  If the risk is considered too great then open cut excavation may be the only viable option.   This is time consuming, expensive and very disruptive to the local community.

Avoid Tree Roots

Avoiding utility strikes is one underground problem.  Another, less frequent issue, is caused by old tree roots because they can encase the old pipe.  Removal is more difficult and feeding in a new pipe almost impossible.  As a result, the option is to lay a new pipe along a different pathway, leading to more excavations.  More time, more disruption, more expense.

The Solution

The solution to tree roots and the risk of damaging other utilities is the Kobus Pipe Puller.  By pulling the old pipe out, and replacing it with a new pipe through the same bore hole, there is virtually no risk of utility strikes.  Neither is there a problem going under old tree roots.  Replacing service pipes across a road is low risk because the proximity of other utilities is no longer a problem.

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