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About Kobus Services

Modular 300 Series Pipe Puller

The headquarters for Kobus Services is in Tamworth, UK, in the heart of the UK motorway network.  Kobus is a SME business with backing from a number of individual and corporate investors.  We have a strong engineering background and as a result, we resolve our customer's problems effectively.  Innovation is the core of what we do.

The Problem

Traditional open cut trenching to replace ageing or leaking service pipes is expensive, time consuming and disruptive.  Existing trenchless techniques, such as impact moling, are limited in some applications.  For example, when there is a risk of damaging other utilities in the vicinity or in difficult ground conditions.  However, the demand to replace ageing water pipes is increasing to reduce leakage and improve water quality.  Combined with this, demand for water is forever growing.  In the gas industry, old metal pipes need to be replaced to reduce the risk of dangerous failure due to corrosion.  Any service pipe replacement is unpopular with homeowners due to the disruption and damage caused to their property.  Consequently, requests to upgrade service pipes into private residences is met with resistance.


New Integrated 400 Series Pipe Puller

New Developments

The current design of Pipe Puller is driven by a separate hydraulic power pack which offers portability and flexibility.   More recently, the original Pipe Puller concept has been developed to work from the auxiliary hydraulics of a mini excavator.  Consequently, it can deliver greater load to remove supply pipes.  The gas distribution network companies have to replace hundreds of kilometres of old galvanised steel supply pipes across the UK.  The development has been funded by the NIA (Network Innovation Allowance) and proactively supported by Cadent (formerly National Grid) and tRIIO.  The result is a soon to be released Integrated 400 series Pipe Puller.


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