Upperton Road, Leicester – 3/4″ Lead Pipe Replacement

KOBUS Services Ltd was asked by Severn Trent Water Operations to work with them on-site to replace a large lead water service pipe on a busy urban highway in inner city Leicester. The site itself was located on one of the main roads leading to the centre of the city and under normal circumstances would have required an open-cut approach given the significant numbers of services in both the highway and the pavement which would be at risk from using techniques such as moling.

Due to the high volumes of traffic using Upperton Road, the work was planned to be undertaken during off-peak hours on a Sunday. Even at this time, there still remained a significant level of traffic and thus it was imperative to both maintain the traffic flow and minimise any disruption to local businesses and residents.

Severn Trent Water selected the Pipe Puller for this particular job as the road could remain open while the replacement was underway. In addition, the risk of service strikes would be eliminated.

The pipe selected for replacement was a cross-road (long-side) lead pipe 11m in length and 3/4” in diameter.

The lead pipe was successfully removed and replaced with MDPE in 278 seconds. The elapsed time from cutting the supply to reconnection was 45 minutes. The highway above the pipe to be replaced remained open throughout the entire operation.

The work was undertaken under standard Severn Trent Water/Enterprise health & safety procedures. There were no reported incidents in respect of either service strikes (HSG47) or operator activity. Severn Trent Water operatives were also trained in operation of the KOBUS Pipe Puller during this pipe replacement.