Hillview, Bridport – 1/2″ Galvanised Steel Pipe

KOBUS Services Ltd was invited by Wessex Water Services Ltd to perform a series of on-site trials on live sites across Dorset. As part of a product proving process, the trials were performed by a team from Wessex Water following delivery of EUSR accredited training for the KOBUS Pipe Puller.

A service pipe replacement in Bridport was chosen to be carried out by a trained team from Wessex Water. The pipe ran from the stop tap in the pavement, underneath the tarmac driveway and to the side of the property.

Once the pipe was exposed, it was discovered that the material was 1/2” galvanised steel, connected with a 25mm MDPE pipe. The Pipe Puller removes and replaces a range of materials – lead, copper, PVC – and has the capacity to perform steel pipe replacements.

As only small access holes are required to perform the replacement, use of the Pipe Puller minimised the costs of reinstatement as well as disruption to the home-owner making it a safe, cheap and quick way of performing pipe replacement works.

The task of exposing the pipe, removal of the galvanised steel pipe and replacement with an MDPE pipe from the side of the house to the main in addition to reinstatement and clearance of site took just under 2 hours. The actual pipe replacement itself took only 450 seconds. No further excavation was needed.

The work was undertaken under standard Wessex Water health & safety procedures. There were no reported incidents in respect of either service strikes (HSG47) or operator activity.