Partners – Kobus Services Ltd is delighted to be working with highly professional and experienced organisations across Europe.  Our partners are carefully selected to ensure they understand our products, and have an intimate knowledge of their applications.  Find a distributor near you, or contact us.

Interested in becoming a Partner or Distributor for Kobus Services?

Kobus Services is delighted to be working with Infra Elite B.V., our exclusive partner in the Netherlands.  Infra Elite are part of the family owned, Van Voskuilen based in Woudenberg. 

Infra Elite offer a wealth of experience in water and gas applications and focus on innovative solutions using trenchless technologies.  The Kobus Pipe Puller is an obvious trenchless solution to add to their growing list of technologies.  

Green Moles Ltd offer expertise in trenchless pipe repair, drain repair, hydrojet cleaning and pipeline inspections across Cyprus.  

Green Moles is based in Larnaca, Cyprus, as well as having offices in Paphos and Athens, Greece.  They are ideal partners for Kobus Services’ trenchless Pipe Puller technology.  

For more information about Kobus in the Greece/Cyprus market get in touch with Green Moles Ltd.

For more information about our partners in Europe, or to discuss your market needs, get in touch with us: