The Kobus Rerounder has recently been launched through our UK distributor partner, RSM Lining Supplies Ltd.  

Drain Trader magazine included a feature in their July issue.  The new equipment is suitable for rerounding of pitch fibre drains up to 6″ (150mm) diameter.  This type of drain material, popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s, was very cheap but had limited lifespan.  As a result, many of the remaining pitch fibre drains are prone to collapse or blister, causing expensive blockages or leaks. 

They can however be relined trenchlessly.  To reline, it is necessary to reround the drain pipe first to eliminate the deformities.  Traditional methods involve rerounding with a manual winch.  These are limited in capability and cause operator fatigue. 

The new Kobus Rerounder is safer for operators and reduces operator fatigue.  The Rerounder is capable of rerounding up to 100m of pitch fibre drain in a single pass, and is suitable for standard sized manholes up to 2.5m in depth.  The Rerounder is hydraulically driven from a stand alone petrol power pack, and provides up to 10 tonnes of force at the spool. 

For more information about the Kobus Rerounder, contact RSM Lining Supplies Ltd sales:

T: 01709 864 271