The Kobus Rerounder for pitch fibre drains rerounding has been developed from the successful KPP300 Pipe Puller.  The Rerounder is a mechanically driven winch to reround damaged pitch fibre drains up to 150mm (6″) diameter prior to CIPP relining the drain. 

The KR200 Rerounder has a specially designed foot section which allows the rerounding pig or bullet to be easily extracted from the drain after the rerounding operation.

The Kobus KR200 Rerounder offers significant advantages over the traditional manual winch:-

  • Automated not manual – less physically demanding
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of force
  • ‘Pig’ fully exits drain
  • Safe for operators – less fatigue & less risk of injury
Kobus Rerounder
Kobus Rerounder-foot section

The Kobus Rerounder KR200 is a modular unit which sits in the manhole.  The machine is hydraulically driven from its own separate power pack and can deliver a staggering 10 tonnes of force at the spool.

The robust design and safety features make the KR200 Rerounder the machine of choice for pitch fibre drain rerounding.  It is safer for operators and reduces the fatigue normally associated with rerounding using traditional manual winch methods.


  • Foot section which allows full extraction of ‘pig’ from the drain exit
  • Steel safety cover to protect operators
  • Hydraulically powered from its own separate power pack
  • Up to 10 tonnes of pulling force at the spool
  • Capstan style winch allows longer lengths of rerounding in a single operation
  • Safer and faster than manual winches

Watch the video to see how it works: