Utility Strikes – A Thing of the Past

The Kobus Pipe Puller virtually eliminates the problem of utility strikes. It extracts the old pipe from the ground, and pulls the new pipe through the same bore hole. As a result, there is minimal risk of potential strikes or damage to other utilities in the vicinity”

Consumer Disruption Reduced

Traffic disruption, noise pollution, and damage to consumer’s property can all be minimised with the Kobus Pipe Puller. Only two relatively small excavations are required at each end of the pipe being extracted. Eliminates excavations across roads. Damage to the consumer’s property is limited to a single small excavation, generally close to the supply pipe entry to the property


Saves Time & Money

The speed of the Kobus Pipe Puller increases the number of service replacements possible in a single shift, thereby reducing time spent on site.  With labour being a significant proportion of the total cost of service replacement, the Kobus Pipe Puller can save significant overall cost per job.