Galvanised Steel

Dronfield, Derbyshire – 1″ Galvanised Steel Pipe Replacement

KOBUS Services were invited by gas contractors, AMEC Group, to perform an on site trial on gas pipes in Dronfield, Derbyshire. The sites selected were a cross-road pipe underneath a main road and a private domestic site where the pipe lay underneath a property.

The gas pipes selected for replacement were both 1” galvanised steel pipes, 35mm in diameter and 9m in length. At the private property, the gas pipe ran underneath the pavement to the front garden. The pipe lay at a depth of between 0.2m and 0.55m.

The cross-road pipe lay in hardcore with electricity and water services crossing its path under ground. This posed a high risk of potential cable strikes if moling was used.






Both pipes were successfully removed from the ground and replaced with new pipes.

The average pull time was 361 seconds and the average time for performing works was 51minutes.

There were no health & safety issues in respect of service strikes (HSG47) or operator activity.