Our Patents

Innovation at our Core

KOBUS Services has been built on INNOVATION.  The original Kobus Pipe Puller offers an alternative trenchless technology for the replacement of water and gas service pipes.  Replacing old lead or leaking water pipes traditionally causes disruption and damage to homeowners' expensive driveways, paths and gardens.  So, how does the Pipe Puller overcome this?

The old pipe is extracted from the ground using a powerful hydraulic winch which pulls the old pipe out while, at the same time, pulling in a new PE service pipe behind it in a single operation.  Only two relatively small excavations are required at each end of the old pipe to be removed.


KOBUS has been granted several patents in various countries in Europe and North America for key features of the design and concept:

"Method of Replacing Pipes, and Apparatus Therefor"

European Patent 2 100 071

US Patent  8,277,147

"Portable Winch Assembly"

European Patent 2 389 334

US Patent  8,550,438