Consumer Disruption Reduced

Any streetworks cause some level of consumer disruption.  There is traffic disruption due to road closures or restrictions.  Then there is the potential damage to the consumer property such as driveways, paths or gardens.  Finally, the local community is disturbed by noisy machinery.

Any process that minimises consumer and local resident disruption is preferred because it helps with overall consumer satisfaction ratings. With the Kobus Pipe Puller, a small excavation reduces the potential disturbance to a property.  This is because the contractor only needs enough access to cut the old pipe and to feed in the new.  So, it is easier to reinstate an imprinted concrete driveway.  Block paving needs less time consuming repair work.

Less Traffic Congestion

Roadworks have delayed us all at some time. It's annoying and frustrating.  It is difficult to avoid some disruption when replacing utilities.  So, anything that reduces the need to restrict traffic movement is a benefit.  Not only will it help the local community, but it will also reduce the administration required to manage the traffic controls.

The Kobus Pipe Puller only needs small excavations which keeps traffic calming measures to a minimum.  Cross road service replacements are less disruptive to traffic and the road generally can remain fully open.

Less Noise Pollution

The Pipe Puller is quick.  It keeps noise to a minimum because a replacement of 20m length can be done in less than 10 minutes.  Also, the number of connections that can be completed in a day is high compared to other methods which means that the work is finished sooner.

Take a closer look at the Kobus Pipe Puller and see what benefits you can achieve.  Customer satisfaction ratings are becoming more important so use technology that can help achieve better scores by reducing traffic disruption, noise pollution and damage to customer property.